Sigh…Children, Children

September 15, 2008

It seems that “Nanny nanny boo boo” has runaway from the playgrounds of elementary school and joined the circus of the presidential election. Insults to Obama and McCains’ characters are being slung harder than I have ever seen in previous races. I’d make a safe bet to say that 95 % of the video campaign ads playing right now are at least 70% insult. Let’s take a look with the first video this year that started this tattle tale streak.

Case in point. The entire first 26 seconds (86%) consist of mocking the opponent, vicious accusations, attacking attacking continuous attacking…and then at 27 seconds John McCain’s angelic face appears on the screen as he tells you he approves this message. Not once does he mention his plan for presidency. Why exactly is this a problem?

These men are only the future leaders of the FREE WORLD. Making each other look incompetent shouldn’t be top priority. How about briefly explaining your foreign, economic, environmental and domestic policies, or telling us how you are going to fix the situation we are in. Those things should be priority.

These elementary insults through attack ads not only make the attacker look petty and desperate for support but they are belittling the importance of politics in America leading to voter apathy. If candidates want support and a strong rallying team, they need to concentrate on impressing us with their qualities and quit pointing fingers.