Democracy Now!

October 19, 2008

No, the title isn’t a personal rally against injustice, it’s the name of a spectacular independent news program.

With the media becoming ever more corporate and income-driven, Democracy Now! is there to give the people perspectives and stories rarely covered by huge news organizations such as Fox, and CNN.

Their website states they offer “independent and international journalists, ordinary people from around the world who are directly affected by U.S. foreign policy, grassroots leaders and peace activists, artists, academics and independent analysts.”

In light of dangerously corporate-sponsored media, this is a blessing.

Every news station today claims they report on the truth, the deepest dirt that the people need to know! Leave no stone unturned, no political mystery unearthed! TRUTH TO THE PEOPLE!

…Oh, except if it gives our corporate sponsor a bad name…or expresses the disgust from the American people about the war…

Luckily for us, Democracy Now! isn’t sponsored by some cannibalistic corporate big-wig. You do get the truth and you do get a detailed analysis of government policies you wouldn’t normally even be informed about.

Democracy Now! goes above and beyond to honor their duty to the people -providing the truth.

The organization is completely viewer, foundation, and listener supported, they do not accept advertiser, corporate, or government funding to avoid straying to the darkside like the previously mentioned news teams.

Of course, one of Democracy Now!’s faults may be that it is obviously left sided. BUT I believe that having that small persuasion does less damage (if it is providing the truth and exposing the hidden) than if an organization was “unbiased” and only reported things they were allowed to.

The idea of the fact that corporate news organizations must be allowed to report on an issue still blows my mind. The American people should not be spoon fed an agenda deemed fitting to its sponsors, they should be served everything that they could possibly want to know about.

So here’s to endless pats on the back to you, Democracy Now!. Continue independently and steadfastly serving the public with truth and perseverance. You are the last slice in the corporate pie.

Please visit Democracy Now! here


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