Keeping it Simple, Stupid?

October 18, 2008

CBS has a weekly feature every Friday night that is called Assignment America. A reporter named Steve Hartman reads emailed requests from viewers across the nations about the stories they want to hear and picks the best one to do a short report on at the end of the broadcast.

Some of these broadcasts have been stories about: A drive-in church, care packages for soldiers, a vacuum boy and his obsession…vacuum boy and his obsession? Yes, you heard me correctly, the report that ended the evening news July 27, 2007 was about a boy’s obsession with vacuums.


Apparently Kyle Krichbaum has over 165 vacuums today

Why is this news? And why does America want to see this on their news? Is it because we have become so apathetic to “real” news that we want anything and everything to entertain us?

Why aren’t American’s writing in to Steve and telling him to profile the 17-year-old who started her own charity organization? When is the story about impoverished, resource-lacking schools going to be aired?

And why is Steve actually choosing these stories to air? After all, he is the deciding factor in what stories are “newsworthy.” Could it be that Steve is doing the minimal, and appeasing the beast that is his viewers?

Steve is keeping it simple, stupid.

It may be because he wants to keep ratings high. It may be because his viewers never offer him any other stories of substance.

Whatever the reason is, I think in his job as a national news reporter, his efforts should be narrowed in on concerning, provoking news.

Please humor yourself and watch the video here.


One Response to “Keeping it Simple, Stupid?”

  1. jennbmackay Says:

    Wow. I’m not sure what to say to that one. That’s one twisted hobby.

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