The Abuse of Freedom of Speech

September 29, 2008

Freedom of Speech is our first amendment and is one of the greatest qualities of our country. As long as it’s true, we can express ourselves any way we want. At any point in time, you can get thousands of different news sources and therefore form your own opinions and further your individuality. We know that this freedom is a great thing, but can it be taken too far?

This weeks blog isn’t about the media, but instead a specific medium, Juicy Campus. I stumbled upon this website a year ago and after looking through, I vowed to never go there again. However, my friend came up this weekend to visit and she started looking through it to find any dirt on her sorority at her school. I read a few posts, and I must say that I haven’t been that disgusted in a long time.

If you aren’t familiar with the website, here is what you can expect when visiting: Shit Talking. That is basically it. It’s designed as a forum for college students to post topics and reply to other topics. This could have potential, if people actually posted legitimate posts about their school like, who they think is going to win homecoming court, or what the best class to take is, but Juicy Campus has taken trash talk to another level.

Every post is another bashing session on a certain fraternity or sorority…or even worse, an individual. Don’t people know that this can seriously hurt someone’s feelings, or potentially ruin an opportunity they may have, like I don’t know…getting a job, being promoted, making friendships…Chances are, 90% of these things aren’t even true.

Now, I appreciate freedom of speech just as much as anyone else. I love being able to blog about anything I could want to, but this site is abusing this right we have. When can you draw the line between free speech and slander? Should there be laws on the extent what you can and can not say?

To be honest, I don’t know what the right thing to do is. It’s a free country, and forums like Juicy Campus may be fun for free time, but in my opinion, it is an abuse to our given right. People need to grow up and respect each other and our freedom of expression.

View the website here


One Response to “The Abuse of Freedom of Speech”

  1. jennbmackay Says:

    Woah. I’m not sure what to say about that one. This was my first visit to Juicy Campus…

    The legal issue here would potentially be libel. Slander is the verbal bashing. LIbel refers to the printing of lies about someone.

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